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What is the shelf life on your cakes?

All of our sponge cakes have a 14 day ambient shelf life, once opened keep covered to prevent drying out

Our fruit cakes have a minimum 1 month of shelf life from delivery

All of our cakes are suitable for freezing

How tall are your cakes?

Our cakes are approximately 7cm in height

Please note as all of our cakes are handmade this measurement may vary

How do I stack the cakes?

Are the cakes pre-cut?

No- our cakes come whole leaving you to stack, decorate and cut them as you wish.

How many portions do you get out of each cake?


  • Party Slices- 8
  • Wedding Slices- 20


  • Party Slices- 12
  • Wedding Slices- 36


  • Party Slices- 16
  • Wedding Slices- 56


  • Party Slices- 24
  • Wedding Slices- 72

How do I store the cakes?

To store our cakes, simply pop them on a shelf or in a cupboard – you don’t need to refrigerate. Keep them in their wrappers until you need to use them. If you decide to unwrap them, wrap in cling-film and store in a tin or Tupperware container. The only thing to make sure of is that there are no really drastic changes in temperature (e.g from freezing to really warm).

All of our cakes are also suitable for freezing

Are you able to send matured fruit cake?

Yes. We keep a rolling stock of cakes from fresh to 9 months mature. Please specify that you would like a matured cake in the notes box on the checkout page and we will do our best to provide one.

Can I feed (alcohol) the fruit cake myself

Yes, if you want a more ‘boozy’ cake you can ‘feed’ it yourself. This is how we’d suggest doing it.

Method 1:

1. Prick small holes into the top of the cake using a toothpick or thin skewer. Make sure the holes run deep into the cake but don’t go all the way through.

2. Spoon brandy or rum over the cake, allowing it to run down the holes and soak into the middle of the cake.

3. Repeat this process every week until you’ve added the amount of alcohol you prefer. Don’t overdo it or your cake will be overpowered by too much booze. Don’t feed the cake more alcohol than it can absorb or you will ruin the texture of the cake.

What kind of alcohol to use

We’d recommend any spirit over 30% alcohol content is suitable so it really depends on taste. Traditionally rum or brandy is used, but Cointreau, whiskey or sherry are all good alternatives. Remember to buy the best quality bottle you can afford.

Our favourite is an amber rum, it adds a more delicate, smoky flavour than the darker variety and tends not to over-power the flavour of the cake. A 15-year-old Dzama rum is a great choice (but not in everyone’s budget!)

Using either method, the key is to give yourself plenty of time before eating. A fruitcake will need 6 weeks to start to mature, allowing the fruits to ripen and release more flavours. Adding all the booze at once will just saturate the cake and leave it soggy and the flavours won’t develop, so be patient, add little bits at a time and you’ll end up with a beautifully rich fruit cake!

Do the cakes contain nuts?

Our Fruit cakes cakes contain almond essence.

Our sponge cakes do not contain nuts unless stated otherwise. Please see individual product descriptions.

Please be aware: all cakes are produced in a factory which handles nuts.

Are they suitable for vegetarians

Yes our cakes are suitable for vegetarians.

please check individual product ingredients for full information

How are the cakes packaged and delivered?

The cakes are individually wrapped in a cellophane wrap. They are sent in strong boxes and delivered by fully tracked courier.