• Easy ordering & Delivery

    We ship all of our ready to decorate cakes nationwide, and if you need cakes quick you can place orders by 1pm Monday-Friday and enjoy the convenience of next day delivery!

  • Extended ambient shelf life

    Our Cakes have a generous 14 day shelf life, reducing the risk of wastage and giving you more time to create stunning designs. Our cakes are also suitable for freezing for up to 6 months!

  • Trusted Supplier

    Benefit from the reliability and trust that comes with choosing a supplier with a longstanding history in the baking industry. Our commitment to excellence since 1972 ensures that businesses can have confidence in the quality and consistency of our ready-to-decorate cakes.

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At Nude Cakes we take pride in providing a range of ready-to-decorate cakes not only to hobby bakers but for wholesale too!, alleviating the challenges that often accompany the demanding nature of the baking business. We understand the complexities of the industry, including the occasional kitchen disasters and the struggle to meet high-volume orders. Our expertise allows us to offer a solution for bakeries and businesses alike, ensuring a consistent supply of quality cakes.

Our products are designed to be easily stacked, possess an impressive shelf life, and can be conveniently frozen for up to six months without compromising on taste or texture. Available in various sizes and an array of delicious flavours, making them the ideal choice for businesses seeking reliability and quality in their cakes.

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