How To Decorate Your Christmas Fruit Cake

How To Decorate Your Christmas Fruit Cake

The festive season is upon us, and it's time to transform your Christmas fruit cake into a masterpiece! below we have outlined some ways in which you can decorate our ready made fruit cakes!

Save yourself time and hassle with our ready to decorate fruit cakes, leave the baking to us and you can skip to the fun part, decorating! 


Jewelled Fruit Cake

We made this jewelled cake using our 8 inch round fruit cake, this is so quick and easy to make and the perfect centrepiece for your Christmas celebrations. We first brushed the top of the cake with boiled apricot jam, then mixed the remaining apricot jam with glace cherries, walnuts and pecans. Place the fruits on the top of the cake, and for that extra touch of Christmas spirit, add three pieces of candied orange. To complete the festive look, you can add a Christmas bow around the outside of the cake.


Iced Fruit Cake

another option for your Christmas cake is a traditional iced fruit cake and all you will need is:

1x 8 inch round fruit cake from Nude Cakes

1x 500g pack of marzipan 

1x 500g pack of fondant

1x Jar of apricot jam

Sugar stars to finish

Christmas ribbon 

 Boil your apricot jam and brush it over the cake, sprinkle some icing sugar on your worktop and roll out the marzipan, be sure to keep moving the marzipan so it does not stick to the worktop. 


Place the marzipan over the cake and smooth it to the top and sides, then trim the excess from the bottom edge.

 Brush the marzipan with apricot jam or rum (we recommend rum as this help to preserve the layers)

Roll out your fondant and place it over the marzipan layer, then smooth and trim the edges.

We then used a star embossed rolling pin to create a star pattern across the top of the cake.

To finish we added three marzipan stars and topped them with sugar stars and finished with some rose gold sugar dust

finally, place your cake on a serving dish, and enjoy!


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